Money is a fickle employee.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Money has a job? Strange to consider money as an employee, but it might help you view your finances differently.

Let’s start with worth. Why? From a personal standpoint, I have to play games with my perspective. “It’s only worth as much as you invest in it”, is true with your money. If you look at money as an employee, you’ll think about investing as a strategy instead of a means to riches. Of course you can get rich if you put your mind to it. There are ways to do that safely. Getting rich from a $20 investment is a slow burn indeed. 

The general consensus is “time is money”. Consider money as time, every dollar was earned in a time frame. Eight hours at a typical nine to five job is about $100 a day, give or take. I wouldn’t pay myself to sit on the couch watching television, unless I was a movie critic. The point is to give your own value to it. 

What do you want from your money?

Huge question to ask yourself. Do you want to invest it in the stock market where you have a possibility of gaining a huge margin, or losing it all in a crash?

Do you want it in a savings account which only gains 0.001% interest every year, but doesn’t lose it’s value. It can if the bank borrows against it. Shady as the stock market. 

Would you put your money in an insurance product which is connected to neither a bank nor the stock market , but it has its own intrinsic quirks. 

My personal bias is that I have a background in life and health insurance. My main focus is in annuities. 

I started years ago. I fell into a rabbit hole. Life insurance, the taboo we whisper when watching a true crime documentary. Life insurance. It rings with intrigue and inherent fear that now your life is on the line. 

Good news, not everyone who gets life insurance gets targeted. In fact, most people who get life insurance either don’t use it, or they use it through natural means.

Enough about natural life insurance. I want to focus on annuities for a moment. What is it? In most cases, it is a means for liquidation. Unlike a life insurance policy which can have a cash value for an beneficiary, an annuity is meant for the owner or annuitant. 

It is a great way to convert your stock market expertise into this insurance product. The inherent implication of an annuity associated with an insurance company almost guarantees a certain level of safety. If you select a highly rated company. 

“How can I make my money work for me?” 

Great question! If you found this article, you won’t mind me expressing my opinion. 

Give your money a job. 

Some examples that be beneficial to you. 

  1. Place it in an annuity from a highly rated company
  2. Stock Market
  3. Savings account
  4. Leave it in the back
  5. Stash it into your floorboards at home
  6. Open an IRA or ROTH IRA
  7. Or Get a 401k

There is no wrong answer here. This is not a trick question. All I’m doing is laying out some ideas. Even pros and cons.

You decide.

Both a 401k and IRA’s use the stock market lose and gain averages through the S&P 500, DOW, NASDAQ and use the ever volatile NY stock exchange and Six Swiss Exchange.

Stashing the money in the floorboards means it’s there for thieves, but that is the only way to lose it. 

In a savings account, you grow very little interest. The bank borrows from you and places it back with the interest. 

An annuity is only as good as the insurance company that funds it. 

In conclusion, what am I trying to say?

I am trying to say that we all need to consider money as a fickle employee we need to stay on top of, daily. I can’t let that $20 be late, or not show up. I also, can’t let it go too soon or else how am I going to pay that bill on time? We all need to give our money a job and be responsible for it. Be accountable for that money. Why would you let someone else boss your money around? 

If I let my money grow for me, it will stay with me longer. You are a business. We all are a business which should absolutely think of the gilded bridge of retirement. 

The average age of retirement is 67 now. Soon, retirement will be a joke we make when we’re full time at 70 with no stop in sight. 

It starts now.

Be the boss you want to be and put more zeros to that retirement dream you.