Update to “Rock Bottom on Diamond Hill”

This update not only changes the direction, but it also adds some flair the previous version did not have. Enjoy.

Bren calls on my lunch break most days. Part of me hopes she neglects this practice, as I am eyeing a sweet treat walking past my office. “Pam, can I speak with you?” Pam trots into my office with the door closing behind her.

“Yes, Elias.”

“Are you getting lunch with the boys?” She smiled with those teasing eyes.


“Are you interested in helping me with this report? It’s so long and difficult.” Her cobalt, lightning eyes were my surrender. I stood to kiss her. Pam stood to accept the kiss. She wore a cherry lip gloss which my lips slipped around on, making the passion silly instead of sexy. I did not think twice, it is fun to feel her tongue glide across my mouth. I grab a handful of her supple breasts with ease before I offer a surprise for her. I know consent is even sexier when it is in the form of a work-related question.

“Oh, Elias. You know I am proficient in word.” Pam’s expression bore the telltale mark of ecstasy, entranced by Elias’s fondling and kissing. Her summer dress made insertion easy, leaning on his messy desk, not so much. In a fit of involuntary movement, Pam nearly tore my dress shirt in two when she lifts it. Her birth against my girth is an exhilaration I have long since felt.

The flurry of motion and intense passion is a welcomed distraction. Is the phone ringing? Oh, who cares when I am so close to a climax?

“I am glad I was of help to you with your report.” Pam winked.

“My sentiments are mutual.” I attempt to adjust my shirt, with little hope of it looking normal until I gain function in my hand again.

“How are you and Bren?” I stare at the wall, wanting to ignore her question. I could at the least answer her.

“Not great. I have a feeling the situation will only continue to go downhill from here.” Pam’s eyes flicker, a thought maybe?

“Maxwell and I have been fighting. I think he knows about us.”

“Part of me wished Bren would notice.”

“You really love her, don’t you?” I said that out loud, didn’t I?

“I think we should get back to work.” My attempt to shoo her out of my office, her eyes glued to me as she exits. Bren called.

I craft my alibi, while I am still confident, on my notepad. Too late, Bren answered.

“Hi honey. I will be in surgery late today. Do you need some money sent over or will the leftovers be fine?”

“Leftovers.” A one-word response would drive me up the wall. Bren ignored it with ease. Bren hung up without so much as an “I love you” or “I miss you”.

Click, the car is unlocked. “I made a mistake.” I fingered the leather of my seat before I drive home. The gravity of my indiscretion crept up on me. Is this affair worth it?

“Hey.” Jory’s cool voice played through the Bluetooth speaker.

“I made a grave mistake.”

“Pam? I told you it is a bad idea.”

“It seemed so fun in the beginning, but now the stakes are too high.”

“Elias, for the love of god.”

“I am an idiot.”

“I don’t think she will forgive you for this.”

“I wouldn’t either.” Every turn feels like I am defusing a bomb.

“I think you should gather your belongings now, because this is going to be bloody.”

“I think you’re right.” I said goodbye. I am nearly home when I feel the panging contrition. To repent is to leave at this point. I pace through Bren’s house. Did I mention she refused my name anywhere on her bills? I think she is cheating on me too. Our finances have always been separated. I guess I realize now this is a red flag for both of us.

“Elias,” Jory said “Liza just called me. She thinks Bren is on a date, not in surgery.”

“I guess this makes things easier on me.”

“You’re not mad?”

“I mean, I cheated first.”

“If I may add something. I don’t think you two were a good couple to begin with.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Look at Liza and I, everything is together. What do you have together?”

“Our bed, our food, and the garage.”

“Married couples don’t do that.”

“I know. This has been a long time coming.”

“I think you should make a nice dinner, actually eat together, then just end it. Make sure you say you want a divorce. She might even have to give you money out of this.”

“I want don’t want anything from her.”

“That’s a good mentality.”

I pace the house, padding through every room as if to say “goodbye” individually. I do not use majority of the house as this house is her childhood home. Some rooms have always been off limits. I think this is good for us. I laugh when I gather my belongings. It is a total of two duffel bags and my locking briefcase for work. I walk to our room and it is clear to me now. We have three photos together. Three years of marriage, five years of dating, and we have three photos hanging in our room.

Couples would have more photos together. At least a few more to adorn their home with, at the least.

This is it.

I sit outside with coffee, even if it is too late, and smoke. Bren is not aware of my smoking, maybe it will be another point of contention. The sun waned, giving way to evening, when I hear the thunder of the garage. Bren is home. The storm is on its way.

“Hello honey.” Bren said.

“Hello sweetheart.” The words are bitter as bile. Bren did not stay long, she disappeared to shower first.

“You look sad.” Bren said. Her towel barely clinging to her features. I must admit, she is still gorgeous.

“I want a divorce.” Bren barely batted an eye.

“You know about Alex?” There is no fighting. Not even a denial.

“It is when I started seeing my secretary.”

“Pam.” Bren’s voice is cool and calm. “I think it will be better for us. We started drifting apart and it doesn’t feel like we are a couple anymore.”

“In the beginning it was like electricity.”

“Eventually I became complacent.”

“We both did.”

Bren agrees on separation. A divorce is to come, she wants to pay for the process. I expect this to be a bloody process, but she made it seem so natural. I grab my bags and pile into sedan. I left without a second glance. Jory is home with Liza.

“How did it go?” Jory said. Cinnamon and apple filling the air.

“She agreed.”

“That’s it?”

“It is mutual. She sees the problem too.”

“Did she admit to her affair?”

“Yes.” Jory is stunned the break is without damage. Besides financial ruin, there are no wounds to speak of, yet.

“Corazón, that won’t happen with me. I’m smelling your clothes before you worry about me.” Liza said.

“I believe it.” Jory said.

“What’s your plan now?”

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