The Struggle of An Author.

If you landed on this entry, you’re either a writer or you want to be one (although you could just be curious, that’s ok too). Hello and welcome.

I am an independent author/poet that works a full time job on top of my full time efforts to write and sell books. I love writing and everything that goes into it. I love editing, page formatting, creations, words, and characters. I love poems, haikus, essays, blogs, and books. You name something related to literary science and I can honestly say it’s “my jam” as the kids used to say it.

I started writing as a wee lass, eight to be exact, (when I read a book that I now can’t remember the title) and hated the ending so much I rewrote the book. Thus starting my journey into being the person they paid to write essays, and the leader on writing projects. I won a poetry contest with a poem I wrote to mock love stories. It won me $1,000 that I refused to claim to make a point.

I published my first piece in 2014, that which sold 100 copies. I was so fragile, that one bad review and I removed it from the market altogether and took a two year hiatus until 2016 when I began publishing poetry. I didn’t take the criticism well even after I gained more confidence when someone said my poetry wasn’t what they liked. I felt defeated, deflated, and as though my efforts were completely in vain.

In 2017, I finally got my stride back. From then until now, I’ve done fairly well. I don’t make enough to quit my day job yet but that comes with time. Even this blog I barely did anything with, up until recently.

I’ve been so enthralled with the industry, even though it terrifies me. So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Let’s get into why we’ve met as we have, here in this safe space. Why is it we struggle? Artists and Authors both struggle to make a name for themselves and keep their heads afloat so they can breath. What’s good for us creators and what’s bad?

I feel like authors and artists should be the perfect match, your words create the image they produce and vise versa! Yet we both struggle so much to get our voices heard.

What else can we do? There has to be a way for us to do what we love and have a roof over our heads and eat all in the same sentence. Too many times there are authors and artists that need a full time job to back their projects so they can eat, yet no more time for their creative liberties.

This is turning out to be a little more political than I expected and I apologize. What I’m driving at is what can assist an author most? What Marketing tips can make the financial difference to survive and be considered an actual career instead of a cool hobby you make money with every three months that amounts to (if you’re lucky) a few dollars.

Authors becoming a team instead of competing is usually a good way to begin. Another thing I’ve learned is readers expecting excerpts instead of links. Telling them your favorite line in the story can be more beneficial than just the tagline you wrote on the description. Passionate conversation can be more beneficial and more personal than an ad, although more work.

The reason I haven’t quit my day job yet, if you’re curious, is because majority of the books I sold over the years has been in social interactions. It’s much more work. It can be pricey as you need to have a copy with you. It can also give you more clout. You speaking with the reader in person can change the dynamic so much, they can’t help but pay you. I’m not saying that in a bad way, it’s like if you met an actor or producer, you’d absolutely want to be apart of that experience. Am I right?

I need other ideas. What else is there? There has to be another way? I want this to interaction. Tell me something that worked for you?

2 thoughts on “The Struggle of An Author.

  1. I feel similar to you. I want to sell my art work, but it’s tough getting started. As the saying goes “There has never been a statue erected in honour of a critic”. Your post is a pleasure to read, and flows beautifully.

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