The woes of a freelance writer.

I’ve been a freelancing agent for a number of years with an emphasis on writing. I’ve published poetry, fiction, and even blog posts about real life situations. It is not an easy environment to dredge through because of the culture of society now. You’re not taken seriously or you’re mocked for an opinion. Maybe your opinion had created a rift and now there is a thread of hateful banter that you can’t control. Why insist on attempting to break through in this time uncertainty? Your opinion is what makes you, you. 

I’ve been working on writing projects that interest me because I knew at a young age my voice would make a difference. One of my pieces will one day be the topic of conversation whether it be in a class setting, or someone brings the morsel to a party to begin a friendship or courtship.

Who doesn’t want to follow their dream? I’ve been deeply passionate about fiction and storytelling since I could pick up a pen and write down my thoughts. My goal today is explain why I’m still pursuing this. For the writers feeling down, suffering writers block or the unsuspecting onlooker gaining an insight on the idea of a writer. 

We’re a different breed. Writers are notorious for being introverted and disappearing for hours, days, and even weeks on their literary conquests. Often misunderstood by their nearly antisocial behavior to be mentally perverted. In fact, the opposite. Real life inspires us and we need to flesh it out. Writing is our form of processing. 

I started writing as a child, becoming abnormally proficient at cranking out essays in a matter of minutes instead of dwelling on them for hours or days. I could, with ease, write at a whim. My English teachers were usually quite impressed by the talent but it created a sense of strangeness amongst my peers, mistaking me for a “teachers pet”. 

They always had high hopes for my writings and one teacher had one piece posted in their classroom for years after I’d graduated. As of late I’ve had some writers block, don’t worry I’ve still got it. 

Despite my lack of degree, I’ve worked many positions that required critical thinking and professional eloquence when describing the needs of the company. Currently in management for a convenience store in which professional emails and constant availability are at the utmost importance. 

Though I lack a degree, I’ve focused all my attention in networking with other writers to gain an insight school can’t teach you. I have respect for the book learned, but without that street wit, you’re only one sided. In my opinion, a generalization of the utmost judgement that I mean to fix with this post.

If you’re like me, there is a period of time in which writing seems like a waste of time and energy. Even the most talented find themselves unworthy for the success they dream of, even myself. There are many important jobs in the world that alter lives for the better or worse, but literature has been an art form with the most effective result; physical art and verbal art alike. That’s not to say other art forms aren’t vital, but remember as a child when you were camping and a story passed down from generation to generation was told? It’s a story. It has a beginning, middle, and end. A purpose.

What exactly am I getting at here? What in the world am I rambling about? I am saying that storytelling, writing, and language is an art form that I am deeply enamored by, and wish to portray to you. Writers are just as much artists as a painter or sculptor. Though a recently dying art form, it still exists. Libraries are swiftly closing, physical book stores are nearly nonexistent and now physical books themselves are dying also.

I have no qualms with electronic books, I’m just saying the option shouldn’t be obsolete. This is coming from someone who works hand in hand with Amazon and online book stores. It makes me sad that I have to work harder to find a location to sell my book and now it’s unappealing because I haven’t gotten it into an audio book form.

Let’s discuss. How do you feel about reading books?

Do you enjoy the physical book or an electronic book?

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