Opinion piece about Abortion.

I wanted to avoid my two cents on this subject, however, It was suggested very highly by my peers to weigh in. To preface this piece its vital to understand that I’m writing from the perspective of being neutral, however I’m aware of my opinion being relatively obvious through the piece. I want to discuss both sides of why it’s so controversial and what I think should be done about it. Keep in mind that I’m not a physician, I’m not a politician, and I’m just writing my opinion. Let’s begin.

Basics: abortion is the premature termination of a pregnancy by intervention of either a surgery or pill. Planned Parenthood is quoted as saying that it’s one of the safest procedures out there. Before 1977 was another story, when death after an abortion was more like 40%-60% as opposed to less than 10% like it is now. In fact, carrying the child to term tends to have more health risks than an abortion. Abortion has always been viewed as immoral, but why? This is where we see the most friction.

On one side of the coin, it’s a desirable option due to resources. If there’s too many people, resources like water and food are scarce; not even factoring in expenses it makes sense that abortion can be an option. It prevents the child from living in poverty, from starving, from abuse, or pain of living in foster care and wondering why they were given up. If you’ve never been in foster care, you probably don’t understand how atrocious the system can be for the child. That’s not to say they’re awful, foster care has the best intentions, but there’s still much to be desired. The parents that volunteer their homes can be worse than homelessness for them. I’m not anti foster care, I was in foster care and watched the both sides. I watched kids thrive and succeed, I watched kids fall into despair and live in poverty.

On the other side of the coin, it’s been hotly debated on whether or not it’s murder. Some people think so. The fetus is prematurely removed from the body before it can be fully developed. The intervention can cause emotional upset from hormonal changes or guilt from the procedure itself. The child can be adopted out after birth or a family member can take care of it. The thought of a maternal woman terminating her pregnancy can be heartbreaking to hear or see. It affects the families and the community.

I’m pro choice, I believe that it shouldn’t be criminalized. If that is made into a criminal offense than beating heart cadavers should be criminal. Beating heart cadavers are clinically brain dead but have a heart beat kept stable for their organs for those on the transplant list. So what’s the definition of life? That’s just as hotly debated. Most definitions include brain function which would suggest that a fetus before six weeks isn’t necessarily alive yet.

Legal terms on fetal rights are interesting in my opinion. In terms of the difference between how pro life and pro choice advocates focus their energies is thought provoking. Pro life groups tend to focus on the rights of the fetus while in the womb while pro choice focus on the rights of the pregnant woman in terms of their rights. Luckily in most states the agreement between the groups is that it’s still unnecessary violence to an unborn fetus and in murder it’s considered double homicide. Refer to the link about it.

Here’s the complicated part, what do we do about it and how do we regulate this? I think we provide birth control to prevent the epidemic of abortion. If more men and women had birth control to help prevent the pregnancy then abortion wouldn’t be an issue. Condoms are widely available, the pill is now available through a delivery service, and the IUD is covered under most insurances. So let’s say the issue isn’t the birth control? Is it rape or controlling relationships? I think that could have something to do with it.

The subject of abortion always boils down to so many issues that all need their own category with it’s own article. The legality of abortion, it’s a right to have the decision thanks to Roe vs. Wade. Health and safety, mental wellness, politics, global resources, housing, and so many others.

The thought of getting an abortion is scary and heartbreaking. I’ve never had one and I’m not sure if I would have an abortion if put to the choice, but it should be available. If I had an ectopic pregnancy, I would do it. I’ve had a miscarriage, which is the body ejecting a non viable pregnancy. I don’t think it should be a form of birth control, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. It should be an option for those who are in dire straits, for mothers that have four kids and can’t sustain another, it should be an option. I also think we need to be using birth control and separation of politics and religion because religion plays a part in this too. I’m not anti religion, but most have a blatant disregard for those who practice their right, freedom of choice. Healthcare is also an issue in this country and that will be addressed in another piece.

In a world of superior genes and the choice to have a child in a test tube, I’m surprised this is such an issue. Maybe we should be more careful who we have kids with and how many. Kids deserve to have a chance for a good life and if having kids was clinical, maybe they could. It all comes down to money. There’s money to be at our expense. What happens when there’s more people than jobs?

In conclusion, I think it should be regulated not banned. Those who use it as a form of birth control should find other methods and those who are completely opposed shouldn’t get one. I know the argument about putting it up for adoption, but there are so many in our system already. We’re bottle necking ourselves if we do that. We should be focusing on how to make life better, easier, and healthier. If we want to accomplish anything nowadays, we need to make our voices heard and debate, not argue. The purpose of this piece is for debate, give me one good reason to change my mind about being pro choice.




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