The Intriguing Subject of Serial Murder

“Serial killer”, what is your first thought when you hear serial killer? My first thought are the infamous killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, or Joseph DeAngelo. The following piece is written based off some research on the subject. Murder and violent crime is still confusing and largely misunderstood seeing as there are aspects of the crime we still have books half written on. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a criminalist. I’m not police officer or even military personnel. Don’t worry, I’ll repeat it. There are links below of my sources.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I’m fascinated by violent crime. I’m constantly researching serial killers, cults, and other very dark subjects. Recently I’ve gotten nightmares thanks to listening to emergency services phone calls research for my second book in the Pella Viscera two-part series. Why is it that I’m interested it? Why is it that I’m not alone in the “intrigue”? There are thousands or millions of people that listen, write, watch, and research the subject as I do. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a criminalist. I’m not police officer or even military personnel. I do know that there are the above-mentioned people that publish their work so we may learn and investigate the mentality.

We’ll begin with some basics that most people know and understand. What is a serial killer? Today we know it as a person, male or female, that kills more than three people over a period that exceeds several hours to several days. In many situations, this extremely violent and typically passionate for the killer, by way of a psychological aberration which leads a person to feel satisfaction inflicting pain on others. Why is that we’re fascinated about this morbid subject? In my opinion is we’re afraid. We fear the possibility of our lives being cut short for any other reason than natural death, that which we’re still having trouble wrapping our heads around.

 Let’s dive into some research. I’ve been researching for well over twelve years and the subject expands ten-fold every single year. As of this year, this is what we know so far. In this ever-expanding subject, we have found that serial killers are excellent with disguises. They have been known to be every category you could be in. Teachers, mothers, lawyers, police officers, electricians, writers, producers, military, chocolate factory workers, managers, clowns; so many other occupations have been held by a serial killer. Some serial killers have been in less than situations where they can’t hold down jobs. There has been genius level, Edmund Kemper, and less than genius like Ed Gein.

Another notable similarity between the swinging, deadly, pendulum is abuse. Physical abuse from childhood, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse have a fine line that threads through most cases of killers. Why would abuse before adulthood factor in? Keeping in mind that I’m not a psychologist, these behaviors in early years can influence the perception of what’s normal and what’s not normal. If a child finds it normal for their parent to abuse them in any way, this can lead to them using that later in life because they find it “normal”.

Another factor is sexual and personal self-esteem. Most normal people can handle rejection well enough, like calling and emailing to tell them how much they love them still but eventually getting over it and moving on. Most serial killers have a hard time breaking from obsessions of lovers or they just can’t achieve an erection without an unconscious or dead individual. These factors can influence their self esteem when trying to develop a “normal” relationship.

One reason they might have an issue with breaking these obsessions could be obsession aspect of most serial killers. They are focused on the blood thirst, a lust for the next victim, which leads them to miss the normal opportunities available in present thinking and present events. These obsessions can lead them to become isolated.

If you’re reading this, you probably know this information, or have heard it mentioned in at least one or more resource. Did you know that according to a study by United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime done in 2012 indicated that homicide in North America is out a populous of 464 million there is a .00039% chance of being a serial killer’s victim. You have a higher chance of getting murdered by your parent or getting in a car accident because less than .01% of killers are classified as serial killers. fffffffffff

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