Pella Vista day

Today is Pella Vista day. Pella is the real city in Iowa that Pella Vista has been based on. Similar in most ways expect some of its history. Pella is a Dutch city with many of its history rooted with Dutch immigrants as well as a Jewish touch. Accented by windmills and tulips, though their actual festival is “Tulip time” instead of “Tulips in the wind”.

When researching for the right location to write Pella Viscera, I looked at many states and cities around the US, but there’s something about Pella that had an appeal. The culture, tourism without the big city feel, and it’s low crime rate.

I decided to alter the name slightly to make it more of a suburb of Pella, and the make the title sound more interesting.

Before I got the idea fleshed out to where it is now, this project started in 2016. Gordon was more of a loner and he was killed off by the end and his love interest was left to pick up the pieces. I like Gordon too much. He’s a stubborn, moody, hard headed, fighter that’s based off the investigator that got the confession from Jeffrey Dahmer. Patrick Kennedy is just as interesting as Dahmer himself to me.

The thing about Pella Vista is that it’s a small, a suburb or small section of Pella that would have a population of less than 30,000 people and would be relatively rural. Since this is set in 1989, its especially rural.

My favorite part about this story is the fact that it sounds like they have modern theories about women’s rights and equality for people because the officers know not all people are bad, except the bad people.

I’ve done a lot of research about serial killers, statistics, and the behind the scenes of police work. I’m not in law enforcement, I’m not a psychologist; but I’ve been doing a lot of reading for this piece. I can’t wait for your opinion about it.

Hopefully you love it as much as I do.

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