Pella Viscera: Shadow of Denial, something to read before you receive the book.

I’ve made an accomplishment by publishing a book. I’m excited for the feedback on this project as I’ve spent a lot of time on it as well as resources to create it. Joel Gordon Reznike is a police officer for the Pella Vista police department where he’s swiftly promoted to a higher role after his partner, Penelope, is shipped off for FBI training. Penelope is an old friend of his that married young with three boys which makes her household busy. The story starts off with Tammy, a trouble teenager with a distraught alcoholic mother and for the first part of the story, her abusive father. A terrible accident takes her mother from her and forces her live with her neighbor’s who’d always been there for her when her mother was “ill”.

You then be catapulted years later to a string of murders that pop up around this small town where violent crime is rare. These deaths are gruesome, even for the seasoned investigators that are involved. Spring melts into summer when they find a big clue but time slips further still into fall and winter before anything comes up that makes a break in the case. The body count is now between six and nine before their case breaks wide open.

Issues that are addressed between the murders relate to the investigators and their relationship to each other. Some times it’s complicated when people work together so intimately for them to separate personal lives and work lives.

When reading about these murders, the jokes tossed around, are purely the characters bantering with each other. The humor doesn’t reflect my opinion about the process nor does it reflect how I feel about tragedy. I’m a survivor, and I’ve found writing these pieces show different aspects of the crime, though the format of this story has a more traditional feel to some murder mysteries, this is different enough to be viewed as more of a crime fiction. The research that’s gone into this story is fairly extensive, though I’ve probably included some incorrect information, you got the point.

Book two, “Pella Viscera: Shadow of Justice” will be released June 30th through That will be an extension of the first book and an expansion on any missing information due to the format being more like Gordon telling his story about the case to the News caster.

Thank you for joining me today, and check out “Pella Viscera: Shadow of Denial” today on

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