Dahlia Blake has a goal

Production is more than movies and music. Production is also about the creation of what you’re passionate about, like writing a novel or recording a video for your channel. It all starts with the idea, then you take the risk, make it all happen, but how to make it grow. I believe that’s important. I want get there to and bring everyone that needs that chance a start. Let’s say you’re an artist and you can’t seem to find anyone that wants to take you on for a project, I’d love to take you on for a project and I’ll help you get there. I want to be that person.

Let’s say you’re a writer and you’re struggling like the artist, let me help. My goal is to be an avenue to break into the scene, whatever the scene is for you. Whether it be writing, drawing, painting, recording videos, podcasts, or anything you can create in a safe environment that offers the essentials need to create. If you live in the LA area, then this might be your shot to support the cause so you can have an office you helped pay for. Dahlia Blake Productions, a dream come true for all that create.

What are my intentions? Like all production companies, there’s a main hub to produce the quality pieces that will be available on the market. My goal is start up the office space for creators to create and I’ll aid in making their dreams happen. Think about it like this, you’re looking for your first job and you have to settle with a fast food chain because you have next to no experience. The example of the fast food chain restaurant is because they need employees. Without much experience you need some experience where you can get it. What I told you that Dahlia Blake can offer that without the burger flipping and frying potato slices?

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