Hello and welcome to Dahlia Blake’s corner of intrigue. We will take long strolls down the long narrow paths of mystery from paranormal and psychopathy to everyday politics and mental health. I may even opinions about the mystery of financial mysteries! The “intrigue” for me is life itself and its many wonders, maybe you’ll find them interesting as well! The introduction will be light hearted but the follow up will be more sinister, in the sense that I’m fascinated by the mind and how it can play tricks on you. I’ll be researching, in depth, about why murder exists and why some are proud to be so heartless; I’ll be diving head on into rational and irrational fears. I might even research light hearted subjects such as smoking, vaping, and bad habits. It’ll be a blast.
Nice to meet you, I think we’ll get a long fine. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning when the first piece will be posted. Join me again 3/9/2019, late afternoon.


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